From Trevor Brooks – Membership Secretary Dated Saturday 19th January 2019

From Trevor Brooks – Membership Secretary

I send this message on behalf of the Youth section of Wellington CC – your cricket club.

We all love the game and make many sacrifices to play and enjoy our cricket at Wellington. We all had the opportunity to be involved and learn our skills when we were young.

The future of any cricket club is in the strength of its youth section as without that we will have no players and no club.

Wellington CC prides itself on being able to offer the opportunity to play cricket to children who do not have the chance to experience our game at school and who may not have the opportunity to pick up a cricket bat or ball at all.

Our club has a fantastic youth set up which in the last few years has grown and grown and is now very successful with 80+ children attending indoor cricket coaching at Courtfields in January and February as well as outdoor practice and AllStars cricket in the spring.

However you will note from the attached that the indoor cricket needs the help of adult players as we cannot run these events without your support.

Please will you consider this and do your best to offer a little help for even 1 or 2 Friday evenings by contacting our club captain Arron Campbell 07712 570179?

I appreciate we all have busy lives but sometimes we need to give something back to help kids who have less opportunity to enjoy cricket than we did.

Thanks All.

Trevor Brooks
Membership Secretary