Club Welfare

The Club is fully committed to all aspects and facets of the England and Wales Cricket Board’s Safe Hands Policy Suite.

This is the Game’s commitment to ensuring that it offers and delivers a Duty of Care to all involved in it…

The scope of the Policy Suite has changed to focus on all who take part and/or are involved in the game; it does not, as in the past, simply focus on minors taking part etc. – this is still a vital part of the framework though…

That best practice is embedded into the Club’s processes, policies and procedures and is carried out through a process of internal and external controls.

Internal processes include self-auditing against the clauses of Club Mark, improving what the Club offers through participant feedback and adopting a questioning and analytical approach to its Business Topics to engender a philosophy leading to a culture of Continuous Improvement.

External processes include a tri-annual full re-assessment of Club Mark by Somerset Cricket Board on behalf of the ECB where the Club is assessed via evaluation of its portfolio of documentation and by means of a Site Visit where its practical credentials are checked; this is next the case in 2021.

An Annual Health Check is completed in non-re-assessment years and ensures that the Club has satisfied itself that it is operating as required.

Implementation of this mechanism is, ultimately, the responsibility of the Club Chairman, but on a day-to-day basis it is the responsibility of the Planning, Research and Development Sub Committee who are:
Simon Spalding – Cricket Development Manager
Ivor Mitchell – Planning, Research and Development Officer

Connor Wickenden – Planning, Research and Development Officer
David Derrick – Club Administrator


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