From: Amy Wiltshire <>
Date: 2 November 2015 at 18:42:55 GMT
Subject: Somerset Smokefree Grants


Closing date for applications is Monday 23rd November 2015.


The Smokefree Somerset Alliance (SSA) is led by representatives from Somerset County

Council, District Councils, Yeovil and Taunton NHS Foundation Trusts, Smokefreelife

Somerset, the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, Somerset College, the British

Heart Foundation, the British Lung Foundation and Avon and Somerset Police.

Following discussions between representatives of the SSA and Somerset Community

Foundation (SCF) in March 2012, we agreed that SCF would deliver a £40,000 grants

programme over three years (subject to review) to fund voluntary sector projects consistent

with the aims of the SSA. Support costs were agreed at 10%.

SCF administration of the Smokefree Somerset Grants Programme was set up to target two

key areas of concern:

• The uptake of smoking by young people, and

• Smoking during pregnancy, particularly in young women who do not necessarily

access traditional health services such as antenatal classes.


The programme was officially launched in October 2014 and was designed to change group

behaviours by incentivising sports clubs to adopt no-smoking policies when youth activities

were taking place. The flat-rate grants of £500 were also conditional upon at least one

member of the club attending a free brief intervention training session where smokefree

messages could be learnt and passed on to younger members.


To find out more information and apply please click here.